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First Post! It’s Aliiiiiiive!!!

I had a few minutes away from my screaming wreck of a life to contribute to this new blog thing, so…yeah.

Here goes.

I’m standing about a week away from graduation, so hopefully it’s only a matter of days before I hop on a plane and start exploring Japanese video game culture up close.

Once I’m there, the loose plan for this blog is for Randee to cover the western gaming market and for yours truly to focus on what’s coming out of good old Nippon.  We’ll literally have the world surrounded, so why not make the most of it?

I’m really looking forward to walking into a Japanese game shop again.  During the brief trip I took a few years ago, I caught a glimpse of what was in store for me.  Not being able to read a word of Japanese, I wasn’t able to do more than judge a few metaphorical books by their cover, but holy hell–I swear there must be entire genres that exist solely on that island.

I look forward to exploring these titles and expanding my gaming horizons, but more than likely I’ll just wither away eating mochi and playing dating sims involving lots of tentacles.

You may never hear from me again.