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The American Prince Returns!

I have come to claim my prize!

I’m playing Bayonetta right now and it’s kicking my face in for the most part. I think I’ve gotten a Stone Award on every level. For those not playing along Stone = terrible. I shall be completing this game tomorrow. I will then need to decide on what to play next. I have a lot of games and I am not going to get anymore until I clear out a huge pile of shame. This may take years. So maybe Matt can give me his suggestion for what I should conquer next. Bring it Otakurama!


Bionic Commando

I recently started playing Bionic Commando for the Xbox 360 and I can’t believe how much I am enjoying it. This game received some pretty negative reviews when it came out. The combat has a very free form feel to it and you are constantly being given new moves to incorporate into your combos. The achievement system is probably one of the most well implemented I have ever come across. You are issued challenges during the story which call for you to experiment with different ways of taking enemies out. As you complete these challenges you earn a corresponding achievement of the same name. Achievements flow like melted butter as you discover new and more creative ways to kill everything in sight. I also can’t get Half-life 2 out of my head as I play this game. There is something about the desolation and solitude of the environments that really remind me of City 17. I must convince Matt to try this game so I may be talking about it a little more as I continue to plough through.