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Hello world!

I’m finally reconnected and enjoying the 21st century in all its crazy technological glory.  The internet is something I’ve missed dearly, and the absence of my pen tablet has prevented my created juices from escaping.  In short, I am full of juice.

But no more!

The sweet, sweet internet is a stranger to me no longer, and to top it all off I just dropped a hundred and eighty bucks on a pretty awesome Wacom Bamboo pen tab.  I’m hitting the juice eject button on my brain and starting to create  some fun digital artwork.  In the meantime?  Here’s a stopgap to, uh, stop the gap in my blog entries.

This is an oldie but, I’ve always thought, a goodie.  I got a C+ on it a couple years ago in my drawing class.  My teacher never believed that digital artwork fell into the realm of “drawings.”  Jerk.

So…I hear the Bible’s pretty popular these days.  But think of the audience they’d reach if they just threw out all those dusty leather books and tailored God’s Word for today’s hip young brandscape.  I present The Bible 2.0!

Jesus is ripped, Judas is a hot goth chick, and the whole thing takes place in space.

Fun Fact:  The Bible’s actually pretty exciting if you summarize it in less than two hundred words.

So cut out the nonsense, throw in some laser beams, get rid of the robes and deserts and give the kids something they can relate to.  After all, what’s more important, the message or the medium?