The American Prince Returns!

I have come to claim my prize!

I’m playing Bayonetta right now and it’s kicking my face in for the most part. I think I’ve gotten a Stone Award on every level. For those not playing along Stone = terrible. I shall be completing this game tomorrow. I will then need to decide on what to play next. I have a lot of games and I am not going to get anymore until I clear out a huge pile of shame. This may take years. So maybe Matt can give me his suggestion for what I should conquer next. Bring it Otakurama!

  1. You bastard.

    I was JUST ABOUT TO ASSEMBLE ROCKMAN. I even bought the necessary tools, but thought I’d double check the blog before I posted pictures of the assembly.

    Well played, Mr. Eimer…Well played.

    How’s Bayonetta been treating you? I, too, amassed an impressive collection of rock statues of fat men falling down, but I have to say I enjoyed the experience immensely. Game of the Year, in my book!

    Did you take my advice and skip the nonsensical cutscenes, or have you managed to stay drunk enough to enjoy them?

    EDIT: You have to know that I’ve ALWAYS wanted Metal Gear Solid 4 out of your pile of shame, but my vote goes to Mass Effect 2 unless you’re holding out for the PS3 version.

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