Some Thoughts, Gauntlet Throwing

Taking a break from creating my college exit portfolio to make a quick post. Randee and I agreed we’d throw it back and forth and play blog pong for a while, so I thought I’d get mine out of the way and make room for something much more interesting from him.

I’m hitting it hard this last week. Thursday is the last big hurdle, when I turn all this stuff in and get to breathe a little easier.

I keep telling myself, “Portfolio = Graduation = Moving to Japan = Interesting Gaming Blog.” I’m in the home stretch. All I need to do now is stay awake, get my work done, and wait for Thursday evening.

Speaking of which, I’d like to take this opportunity to propose my first non-gaming related SPLIT SCREEN VERSUS BATTLE to Randee. The challenge–Coffee consumption. I’ll be keeping track of the amount of coffee I drink from now until Thursday night. Randee, since I had a head start, feel free to extend your end date to Saturday, 12 a.m. sharp.


-Coffee must not be decaffeinated

-Progress will be recorded in the comments section of this blog in the form of total number of ounces consumed

-On no account should this challenge end due to hysteria or massive heart palpatations.

-Winner gets the cheapest available product on Steam.

-Refusal to participate results in an immediate loss

Let the twitch-fest BEGIN!

  1. Feelin’ great!

    24 oz.

  2. I finished with around 120 oz. The big blunder was getting sleepy and forgetting I was supposed to be drinking coffee in the first place. I must have put down at least four 20 oz diet Pepsis.

    Oh well. Made it. Graduated. Next week–the interview. And if all goes well, Japan.

  3. Randee: I’m still forever pissed that you chose not to participate in this epic battle of champions.

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